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The Mercury Hour Magazine was originally published starting in 1974. It contains articles and letters submitted by many of the notable the astrologers of the day.



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Mercury Hour Magazine - 4th Edition January 1975
Mercury Hour 4th Edition January 1975 Issue Highlights Articles: House Systems – Michael Munkasey Four Questionable Practices of Astrologers – Dr. James T. Hayes Excerpt from Foundation of the Astrological Chart – Ivy Jacobson (Johndro Locality…

Mercury Hour Magazine 13th Edition April 1977
Issue HighlightsArticles:Zodiacal Numbering – Jeff Jawar Saturn in the Houses (continuation) – Dr. Robert H. Goodrich Saturn – Marc PenfieldA Key to Relationships [The Art of Chart Comparison]- Introduction – Stephen Arroyo Eclipses – Ray Merriman…

Mercury Hour 66th Edition October 1990
Issue Highlights Book Reviews Soul-Centered Astrology: A key to the expanding Self by Alan Oken – Marguerite dar Boggia The Genetics of Astrology by Margaret Millard – Teresa Hamilton Articles The Great Garbo: Sphinx or Siren? – Marc…

Mercury Hour 26th Edition July 1980
Issue HighlightsBook Review: Relationships & Life Cycles, Modern Dimensions of Astrology by Stephen Arroyo – Rochelle Gordon Articles: Saturn Through the Signs – Bil Tierney Crisis in the Near East – Gregg Castellucci Chiron and Group Fusion –…

Mercury Hour 59th Edition January 1989
Issue HighlightsBook Review Astrology, The Classic Guide to Understanding Your Horoscope by Ronald C.Davison – Marguerite Dar Boggia Articles Salem, or A Cynic’s Centiloquy – Don Borkowski Horary Techniques Applied to Personal Events – Edward…

Mercury Hour 52nd Edition January 1987
Issue HighlightsBook Reviews By Marion March:The Changing Sky, A Practical Guide to the New Predictive Astrology by Steven ForrestToward a New Astrology [The Approach of Edgar Cayce] by Ry ReddInterpreting Solar Returns by James EshelmanComplete…

Mercury Hour Magazine 36th Edition, January 1983
Issue HighlightsArticles The Vertex - Jan PopelkaStudent’s Section: A Visit to Astrologers in the U.S.A. – Ann Stevens-PatacchiolaThe Catch-30 Passage: [28-32], Part III – Bil Tierney [life stages][Uranus age cycle] Part II – Dale HuckebyMysterious…

Mercury Hour 33rd Edition, April 1982
Articles Chart Mart – Marc Penfield (charts included in “Chart data”, below)Tragedy at Tanque Verde Falls: A Case for Midpoints - Barbara MayKhomeini’s Days Are Numbered – Manik Chand JainMercury – Erin SullivanAn Astrological Review of Passages (by…

Mercury Hour 14th Extra Edition April 1985
Issue Highlights Articles Published Birthtimes for Ronald Reagan – Raul Davila Sampling of the Research from the Astro-Punology of Names – Judy Goodwin The State of Israel – Marc Penfield Geo & Helio Mars-to-Moon Aspects in 150 Charts – T.…

Mercury Hour 42nd Edition July 1984
Issue Highlights  Book Reviews Interpreting Your Retrograde Planets by Linda Carbone – Marion March The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo – Marion March Astroeconomics: The Union of Astrology and Economics by Barry…
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