Mercury Hour 42nd Edition July 1984

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Mercury Hour 42nd Edition July 1984




Issue Highlights 

Book Reviews

Interpreting Your Retrograde Planets by Linda Carbone – Marion March

The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo – Marion March

Astroeconomics: The Union of Astrology and Economics by Barry Lynes – Marguerite Dar Boggia

The Astrology of Choice by Roy Alexander – Carolyn Dodson

The Cosmic Informer by Robert Pelletier and Leonard Cataldo – Edith Custer


An Astrological Anatomy of Behavior, Part IIB – Danni Herman

Paragon, the Twin of Mercury – Ted George

IAO Research Center News – Robin Armstrong (President)

Houses – Marc Penfield

Uranian Astrology – Penny Bertucelli

Neptune – Terri Kerins

AIDS Data – Jack Fertig

Creativity – Defiance Gregg

AFA/AFAN – Jeff Jawer

Astrology and the Law – Angel Thompson

Magic, Madness, and a Cancer Stellium – Amy M. Franco

Astrology and its Implications for Education of the Gifted – Lynette Nygaard

Astrology Now – Bonnie Parker [Humanistic Astrology]


Karma and reincarnation

Charts of Ronald Reagan and George Bush

1984 Korean airliner shooting

Chart of Kansas City

San Jose, CA and Los Angeles, CA “Fortune Telling” legal cases


Charts of USA and American Civil War

Taurus degrees

Chart data

(some incomplete or in question)           

(Marc Penfield’s Chart Mart appended)

Andropov, Yuri
Diamond, Neil
Glenn, John
Jackson, Jesse
Olivier, Lawrence
Westmoreland, William
Williams, Tennessee

Foundation of Russia

Notable contributors

Al H. Morrison
Marion March

Additional Chart Data 

From Chart Mart – Marc Penfield

“Some more from Gauquelin’s new book on American birthdata:”

Annenberg, Walter
Banks, Ernie
Black, Karen
Browning, John
Cage, John
Davis, Miles
Chandler, Otis
Felker, Clay
Fleischer, Leon
Gibson, Althea
Greene, Joe
Grier, Roosevelt
Hirsch, Elroy
Hutton, Lauren
Janov, Arthur
Jones, Jack
Jurgensen, Sonny
Kahn, Madeline
Lawrence, Carol
Lopez, Nancy
McCambridge, Mercedes
Maris, Roger
Martin, Billy
Masters, Wm. H.
Moore, Terry
Naber, John
Patchen, Kenneth
Patterson, Floyd
Poston, Tom
Rigby, Cathy
Salinger, Pierre
Schorer, Mark
Simon, William
Simone, Nina
Summer, Donna
Valenti, Jack
Warwick, Dionne
Williams, Cindy
Williams, Ted

Additional charts from Penfield:

Cruise, Tom
Daltry, Roger
Fairchild, Morgan
Hepburn, Audrey
Holmes, John
Keynes, John Maynard
Koestler, Arthur
Lupino, Ida
Mandrell, Barbara
Moore, Dudley
Newton-John, Olivia
Roberts, Xavier
Sanders, Col. Harlan
Savalas, Telly
Stewart, Rod
Updike, John

Mehmet Ali Agca
(speculative chart) 

Vancouver, BC


Edith Custer, Editor


Alexandria iBase Project


July 1984









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