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Mercury Hour 79th Edition January 1994

Mercury Hour 79th Edition Jan 1994.pdf

Mercury Hour                          79th EditionJanuary 1994Issue Highlights Book Reviews By Edith Custer: New Insights into Astrology by Nona Gwynn…

Mercury Hour 78th Edition October 1993

Mercury Hour 78th Edition Oct 1993.pdf

Mercury Hour                                                78th EditionOctober 1993 Issue Highlights Book Reviews Nuts & Bolts of Running an…

Juno: First Lady of the Gods (Version 2)

Juno First Lady of the Gods V.2 Astrologers Newsletter Nov 1991 Vol 11 No 1.pdf

Article about Asteroid Juno

Ceres: Food Provider and Grieving Mother

Frances McEvoy Ceres Food Provider and Grieving Mother Astrologers Newsletter BOSTON NCGR.pdf

Article about Asteroid Ceres

Mercury Hour 75th Edition January 1993

Mercury Hour 75th Edition Jan 1993.pdf

Issue Highlights Book Reviews Astro Data V by Lois Rodden – T. Pat Davis Astrodata V – Profiles of Crime by Lois Rodden – Roxana Muise By Edith…

Mercury Hour 70th Edition October 1991

Mercury Hour 70th Edition Oct 1991.pdf

Issue Highlights Book Review Working with Astrology by Michael Harding & Charles Harvey – Doris Greaves Articles Missing Visa Book – Marie…

Mercury Hour 72nd Edition April 1992

Mercury Hour 72nd Edition Apr 1992.pdf

Issue Highlights Book Reviews Reviewed by Arlene Marcia Nimark: Computers & Astrology by Patricia Foreman The Houses and Personality Development…

Mercury Hour 53rd Edition April 1987

Mercury Hour 53rd Edition Apr 1987.pdf

Issue Highlights [Note: this issue is missing pages 31-32, which, according to the index, was an advertisement for the Seven Hills Astrology…

Mercury Hour 47th Edition October 1985

Mercury Hour 47th Edition Oct 1985.pdf

Issue Highlights Book Reviews By Marion March: Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide to Growth and Transformation by Doris A.…

Mercury Hour 42nd Edition July 1984

Mercury Hour 42nd Edition Jul 1984.pdf

Issue Highlights  Book Reviews Interpreting Your Retrograde Planets by Linda Carbone – Marion March The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures by Liz…