Mercury Hour 47th Edition October 1985

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Mercury Hour 47th Edition October 1985




Issue Highlights

Book Reviews

By Marion March:

Celestial Psychology: An Astrological Guide to Growth and Transformation by Doris A. Hebel

Astrochemistry: A Study of Metal-Planet Affinities by Nick Kellerstrom

Instant Astrology by Mary Orser, Rick and Glory Brightfield

The Astrology of Deep Space by Philip Sedgwick

Spiritual Astrology: A Layperson’s Guide to Self-Unfoldment by Jan Spiller

The Practice and Profession of Astrology by Stephen Arroyo

Birth Pattern Psychology by Tamise Van Pelt

The Astrological Prayer Book by Alda Marian Jangl
Your Key to Astrology [book plus] Astrological Key Cards: Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects by Bill Hansen – Edith Custer


Astrology and the Weather – Dorothy Willis

Lunar Return Notes, Part II – Joan McEvers

Calculation Without Tables of the Julian Day & Century, Obliquity of the Ecliptic, MC, ASC, and Houses, Part I – John F. Gay, III

The Tree of Life: An Overview – Fran Rosen

Astrological Hall of Fame Awards – Fraternity for Canadian Astrologers [2nd National Conference]

Along the Tarot Path – Fran Rosen

How I Survived my Pluto Square Pluto and Other Transits – Carol Hemingway

The Luscher Color Test, A Symbolic Testing Model – Zan Key

Observations on Astrology, Original & Borrowed – John F. Gay, III

I’m Mad at You!!!! – Mary Ellen Glass

The Horoscope of Russia – Marc Penfield

Chart Mart – Marc Penfield

A Trip Round the Hawaiian Zodiac, Part II – Cheryl Niggle

Astrology and the Weather: Forecasting the Weather, Part I – Dorothy Willis

Horary Astrology: A Definition – Gilbert Navarro

The Business Cycle, Part II – Bill Hansen

Neptune, The Collective Fantasy, and Popular Music – Amy Franco

The Mystery of the Chinese Zodiac, Now Revealed for the First Time – Frank Hampton

The Qualities of Time, Part I – Tundra Wind


Astrology, licensure, & ethics

Quadrant house systems vs. Equal Houses

Radix-based Tarot technique

Natal location in Return chart

Birth time of Ronald Reagan

Seven Hill Astrological Conference [reports]

Mercury retrograde

Chart data

(some incomplete or in question)

(see next page for Marc Penfield’s Chart Mart charts)

Anderson, Loni
Benetar, Haley (daughter of Pat Benetar)
Bowie, David
Eddy, Mary Baker
Eisenhower, Melanie (daughter of Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower)
Gorbachev, Mikhail
Jagger, Elizabeth (daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerri Hall)
Kennedy III Robert F.
Morgan, Vicki
Neves, Tancredo
Pace, Canio and Thomas (cross-year twins)
Reagan, Ronald
Schwab, Loluis and Leona (cross-year twins)
Spielberg, Max (son of Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving)Vaughn, Sarah

Frustaci sextuplets
Czar Nicholas II
Prince Henry

Air India 747 jetliner crash
Christian Science Church
Formation of the Soviet Union
Founding of Tel Aviv
Halley’s Comet return
Live Aid Concert 1985

Notable contributors

Joylyn Hill (Chart of Israel, chart of Robert E. Lee, the nature of Venus)

Olivia Barclay (astrological signature of fires and explosions)

Misty Kuceris (7 Hills Conference)

Robert Pelletier (7 Hills Conference)

Zane Stein (Solstice points, Sabian symbols)

Erin Sullivan (Mercury retrograde)

Michael and Margaret Erlewine (Matrix Heart Center)

Eleanor Bach (Marc Edmond Jones Award)

Lee Lehman (Kundalini and asteroid Sappho)


Edith Custer, Editor


Alexandria iBase Project


October 1985









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