Mercury Hour 53rd Edition April 1987

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Mercury Hour 53rd Edition April 1987




Issue Highlights

[Note: this issue is missing pages 31-32, which, according to the index, was an advertisement for the Seven Hills Astrology Conference.]

Book Reviews

By Marion March

Your Fertile Hours – Emily Faugno

The Book of Houses – Robert Cole

Life Clock, Volume II – Bruno and Louise Huber

The Twelve Healers of the Zodiac, The Astrology Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies – Peter Damian

The Art of Chart Interpretation – Tracy Marks

Astrological Megatrends 1996 – Edward J. Kluska

Your Greatest Strength – Grant Lewi


A Graphic Ephemeris of Sensitive Degrees – Eleanor Bach by Rochelle Gordon

Delineation of Progression – Sophia Mason by Jorja Brentwood


Astrology and the Weather, Vernal Equinox 1987 – Dorothy Willis

Unreliable Data in “The International Atlas” – Thomas G. Shanks [from Jack F. Chandu]

Saturn/Uranus in Sagittarius: Conceptual Repatterning – Ann Kreilkamp

TONALPOHUALLI, The Prophecy Calendar of the Aztecs, Part I – Sigvard Mahlerdam

The Heart Center Library – Michael Erlewine

Art and Astrology – Ellen Price

Prospects for a Golden Age – E. Alan Meece

Astrology and the Weather, Forecasting the Weather – Dorothy Willis

Sideral Astrology: Influence of the Houses, Part II – Keven W. Barrett

Relationships and Astrology, Part II – Klara Henderson [Reprinted from “Astrology”]

Tragedies in San Francisco – Marc Penfield

The World’s Biggest Franchise – Marc Penfield

Tourette Syndrome, A Bewitching Disease – Ted George

Down to Earth Astrology [statistics]– Howard Stephen Berg [column]

Astrological Bible Quotes – Elizabeth McCumsey

The Progressed Horoscope of the United States of America, Part I – Marc Penfield

Hiroshima – Stephen Brown

The Language of Astrology – Mindy Krupp 

Sunny Von Bulow’s Chart, A Modest Speculative Proposal and The Wynn Key Cycle Formula, A Valuable Predictive Tool – Charlotte Tuton

Numerology and the Names of Cities – Marc Penfield

Reagan’s Real Ascendant?, Part II – John Kalus

Reinterpreting the Basics, Part II – John H. Roth, Jr.

Lunar Notes – Wendy Hawks

Astrology in Brazil – Jeff Jawer


First of the year Ephemeris for the Christian Era.

Astrological correspondences of chemical elements, glands, health conditions.


Eli Cohen, Israeli spy.

Astrological weather forecasting in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mass/serial killers.

The Pymander and Hermes-Thoth.

AFA/AFAN controversy

Chart data

(some incomplete or in question)

Casey, William
McFarlane, Robert
Meese, Edwin
Poindexter, John
Regan, Donald T.
Schultz, George
Weinberger, Casper W.
(above charts related to Iran-Contra scandal)
Iacocca, Lido
Knight, Ted
Lennox, Annie
Savitch, Jessica (correction)

Marc Penfield’s Chart Mart charts

Bergman, Ingrid
Boyd, Malcolm
Castro, Fidel
Eklund, Britt
Garbo, Greta
Shepherd, Cybil
Stuyvesant, Peter

City of Los Angeles

Notable contributors

Joylyn Hill (Neptune/Tarot-astrology correspondences.)

Marion March and Lillian Huber (Critique of AFA column “Basic Horoscope Interpretation” and rebuttal from Dorothy B. Maass.)


Edith Custer, Editor


Alexandria iBase Project


April 1987









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